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Thanks to technology improvements, government incentives, and entrepreneurship, harnessing the sun to power homes is more possible than ever. Yes, that’s right. Solar for residential is now cheaper and more possible than ever before, thanks to solar leasing.

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We will collect the basic information to provide you with an initial estimate for the size and cost of your system. This includes your monthly electrical usage, approximate size of your roof/land, and your company's tax status.

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How It Works

Confused on how the technical side of solar electricity works? Get the basic concepts to understand how a solar array would produce clean, renewable energy for your business.

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Example Systems

From 10kW to 1.1MW, we have the experience to design any size system you may need. Take a look through just some of our portfolio to get a better understanding on what a solar array might look like for your business.

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Getting residential solar installed under a solar lease is simple. In the past, installing solar panels on your house meant putting lots of money up front to pay for the solar panels, financing, and waiting a long time for government rebates to come through. In a solar lease, a solar installer will set up all your solar paneling equipment at zero cost. Because you don’t purchase the solar panels, you don’t own the equipment. The solar installer or solar power company then sells you this energy at a price frequently much less than your traditional utility company sells. This means a very low or zero electric bill every month from day one! And, with your new residential solar energy system, you also get the feeling of doing something good for the environment. It’s a win-win.

Using solar energy to create electricity in buildings has been around for a while.

Since the 1960s, some people have sought innovative ways to use solar power as an alternative sources to fossil fuels for lighting their homes. Historically, however, the use of solar panels as an energy source has been slow to catch on. In recent years, the trend has grown. Companies such as Walmart, Google, and NBC Universal have made headlines for unveiling vast solar arrays that they use to power their large office buildings.

After you’ve realized that residential solar technology is a very real possibility for your home, you should contact a trusted solar contractor who knows the ins and outs of setting up a solar lease.

Have you electric bills handy and give us a call, in a matter of 30 min. we will prove it to you that in a period of 20 years you will save $60,000 - $100,000!

If you are the kind of person that thinks ahead that you should not wait any longer,

We are one of California’s top solar power contractors and would love to talk to you about your residential solar possibilities. Give us a call!