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So, you like the idea of having solar in your home but still aren’t sure about it? The reality is that home solar is a viable option for your energy needs. Now, thanks to technology improvements, government incentives, and entrepreneurship, harnessing the sun to power homes is cheaper than ever. Yes, that’s right. Getting solar in your home is now cheaper and more possible than ever before, thanks to solar leasing.

Installing solar in your home under a solar lease is simple. In the past, installing solar panels on your house meant putting lots of money up front to pay for the solar panels, financing, and waiting a long time for government rebates to come through. In a solar lease, a California solar installer will set up all your solar paneling equipment at zero cost and the result is a very low or zero electric bill every month from day one! And, with your new solar house, also get the feeling of doing something good for the environment. It’s a win-win.

Solar power technology has been available for a long time. You may have seen solar panels in pictures of satellites or on calculators. Recently, more and more companies are installing solar panels on their large office buildings. A few people have even installed solar systems in their own homes. However, the high up-front costs and complexity of getting solar in the home have prevented many people from getting solar in the home.

After you’ve realized that solar in your home is very real possibility, you should contact a trusted solar contractor, who knows the ins and outs of setting up a solar lease. The solar contractor can answer your questions and is the one who can determine your home’s energy usage and efficiency, select the right solar system for your home, mount the solar panels, connect the panels your home’s power system and, where it is possible, connect the solar panels to the power company’s main “grid.”

We are one of California’s top solar power contractors and would love to talk to you about your home solar possibilities. Give us a call!