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In the last few years, solar power has exploded in popularity. Solar companies are everywhere these days, and keeping it all straight can be confusing. Right before you are about to call several local solar companies, it’s important to know that there are two main types of solar power companies: manufacturers and installers.

Solar Manufacturers

Solar panel manufacturers construct and build the solar panels that homeowners can have installed on their houses. Some of these solar companies are well-known for the other things they make, such as Mitsubishi, Sharp, or Sanyo. In leasing solar panels, you are granted a “production guarantee” for 20 years, which means you are guaranteed a certain amount of electricity generated from your panels during that time. So trying to research the best solar manufacturing company should not preoccupy you. Don’t forget—you don’t own your solar equipment, so it doesn’t really matter who the manufacturer is. As long as you get your energy, you’re happy!

Solar Installers/Contractors

If you’re a consumer looking to bring solar energy to you home, you’re probably going to be interested in the other type of solar power company: a certified contractor.

Most of the solar manufacturing companies metioned above do not install solar systems. Instead, these companies work together with subcontractors that perform the sales and installation for them. That means the solar company that you are after is a subcontractor or an installer that is certified to handle their equipment.

In California, your local solar company should be able to handle your installation from A to Z, which means making electricity calculations, designing a print/plan, obtaining a city permit, delivering the panels and, of course, installing the system.

Getting solar power in California is speeding up on a daily basis. Whether buying or leasing solar systems you want to make sure you are dealing with a professional solar company. After all, your roof and electric system is a very important and delicate part of your house. If you are located in Southern California, we want to be your local solar company! We encourage you to check our references, as we are confident in our ability to fulfill all of your solar needs.