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FREE On Line Solar Consultation

You are probably wondering...

  • Do I need a city permit for my garage conversion?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How much space can be transformed to a living space?
That's OK many of our customers ask that and more… Each and every city has its own rules, codes and regulations the home owner must follow in order to build, modify, convert or add-on to their garage, not only these codes differ from one city to another, every year new rules and codes are being added.


Due to many requests from our customers we have decided to assign a garage conversion specialist to perform the city research for you!

To better serve your research needs we will need your help, Fill out this quick short form - Completely Free No obligation - and get answers

FREE On Line Solar Consultation

We know how the everyday life prevents us from doing vital things like taking care of your home, on the same note taking estimates and having to research online for the best solar solution for your house is a time consuming process just as well, In this page we will try to take some of the load from you.

This should be fast; you will be surprised on how quickly we can respond!