How to Get Solar Panels?

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In the past, to get solar power you had to put up a large sum of money up front to pay for solar panels and their solar contractor installation. To offset the cost, some tax credits and rebates could be achieved for some residential solar projects. However, these credits and rebates often required money up front and legwork to receive them.

Today, the best way to get solar is to get a solar lease, since California solar installers and solar power companies now offer solar leasing programs. Basically, these arrangements allow leasing your roof space for solar panels, which provide you with energy that’s cheaper than the energy you get from your utility company. The solar power company or solar installer sets up the system on your roof, at no charge to you, and you enjoy a lifetime of utility savings. Getting solar power is easier than ever. There is no catch—just better programs!

To get a solar lease, you should call your local California solar installer or solar power company and arrange for a free consultation. We are one of California’s top solar power companies and would be happy to speak with you.

All you need is to have your previous electric bill handy and call us today to set up an appointment. It’s absolutely free with no obligation. Set your wallet aside and dial:


The numbers involved with solar panel installation can often be tricky and confusing. But we keep it simple by avoiding technical jargon and focusing on what you really care about: saving money at no up-front cost by installing solar panels on your roof. We know world of solar panel installation inside and out, and we have vast experience determining the right system so that you save the most possible money.

Getting solar panels today is incredibly easy, if you work with the right California solar installer or solar contractor. Call us today to set up an appointment. Again, it’s absolutely free with no obligation to you.