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California has long been a leader in going green, and solar panels in California are becoming more popular than ever. Thanks to solar leasing programs, solar installation in California is now the affordable way to channel the energy of California solar power into your home.

If you are browsing our site, then you are probably wondering what it takes to bring solar energy to your home. You’re probably also asking, “Is it worth it?”

The answer is yes, even for those who can’t afford the down payment. Simple math shows that an average home spends or will spend an average of $100,000 on electric bills over the next 20 years. Do the math yourself, and don’t forget utility bills tend to increase an average of 7% every year.

Without digging into the fine details, new California solar leasing programs are expected to provide you with energy that costs 80%-90% less over the next 20 years.

CA Solar Leasing – How does it work?

In simple words, solar companies in California are leasing solar systems to homeowners at minimum cost while enjoying the amazing rebates the government grants them.

California solar panel installation and leasing roof space for solar panels are possible thanks to technological advances in solar power technology, which make solar panel installation by qualified California solar power installers cheaper than ever, and a number of government solar energy programs that provide price breaks for people who have figured out how to get solar energy through installing solar panels on their homes.

Everyone knows about California’s amazing sunshine. For a number of years, many California officials have seen it as a potential source of clean energy. In 2004, for instance, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the Million Solar Roofs program, which was a grand vision for Ca. solar power. Later, California started Go Solar California, which oversees solar power programs today. These programs are in addition to the 30% federal tax credit the government provides for solar panel installation. Even some local agencies have created local solar programs and incentives to make home solar panel installation cheaper.

But understanding which home solar programs work for you can be daunting and confusing. Even more, after you’ve figured out what rebates or tax credits you can get, the paperwork can be time consuming. That’s the beauty of solar leasing—it allows California solar installers to do the hard work, so that you can sit back and enjoy energy savings immediately. With a solar lease deal, the solar installer owns the equipment, so the installer pays the up-front costs of installation and makes the appropriate filings to receive the rebates or credits itself.

That means there’s no excessive paperwork for you, the homeowner. No confusing financing deals. No waiting for the rebate checks to arrive. And best of all, a solar lease means no up-front costs. It’s an easy way to save money on your utility bills and help out the environment by reducing your own usage of dirty energy sources.